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Design Build Projects


Dale Mabry Diversion Force Main, Dale Mabry Diversion Reclaimed Water Transmission,

& Brushy Creek Pump Station Rehabilitation

Hillsborough County, FL

Completed Project: $25,418,937.18  

Project Included:

  • Design, permitting, and construction of 24” – 36” forcemain ductile iron wastewater force main from the Dale Mabry AWTF to the west right-of-way of Sheldon Road

  • Install sufficient fitting to the wastewater force main size to 36 inches; provide a tee & valve for future connection from the south. Pipeline continues with a 36” ductile iron wastewater FM to connect to the NWRWRF. The total estimated length for wastewater FM is 33,000’

  • Design, permitting & construction of a 20” – 24” ductile iron reclaimed water transmission main from the NWRWRF to the Dale Mabry AWTF utilizing the County’s property from the NWRWRF to Sheldon Road & within the existing right-of-way of Citrus Park Drive & Gunn Highway. Design & construction  include pipe, valves & appurtenances and an average coverage of 4’ below existing grade.

  • All existing roadway features were retained following construction of pipeline.

  • Total estimate length for 20”-24” reclaimed water transmission is 33,000LF

2017 Project of the Year, America Public Works Association, FL Chapter


2017 Project of the Year Design-Build Institute of America, FL Region

North Palm River

Water Expansion

Hillsborough County, FL

Completed Project: $9,931,176.00  

Project Included:

  • Design, permitting and construction of 45,000’ of 6” and 8” water main extended potable water service, including 380 new water services to areas of Palm River north of Causeway Boulevard. 

  • The new water system connected at multiple points to both City of Tampa and Hillsborough County water mains.

  • The water main system was installed with a combination of horizontal directional drill and open cut methods, in such a way to minimize over impacts to roadways and local traffic.

  • Maintenance of Traffic during construction and full restoration of impacts to the right-of –way and roadway.

  • For each parcel in the new service area, water service connection extended to the limits of the existing right-of-way and “stubbed out” for future connection by the homeowner.

Water / Waste Water Treatment Facilities / Pump Stations &

Master Lift Stations

McKay Creek

Pinellas County, FL

Completed Project: $9,619,557.00

Project Included:

  • Construction of a Reclaimed Water Pump Station

  • 5 Million gallon reclaimed water tank, an Arch building, metal louvers, fuel storage tank

  • Installation of 4-500 HP 5210 GPM @ 240 THD, split case pumps, 3-400HP 6000 GPM vertical pumps, sub-pumps, associated pipe, valves and fittings, & traveling bridge crane

  • Sodium hypochlorite generation storage and feed system, ferrous sulfate feed and storage system.  

  • Generator, lightning protection, fire detection and alarm system, transient voltage surge suppression system,

  • Paints & coatings

  • Construction of Office and maintenance facility, miscellaneous metals, electrical, system integration, instrumentation and controls

  • Asphalt paving

  • Stormwater control

Alafia River Intake & Pumping Station

Tampa, FL | Tampa Bay Water

Completed Project: $8,955,000.00

Project Included:

  • Furnishing and installing raw water intake, screening structure, pump station and electrical building, intake screens, variable-speed, vertical turbine pumps, piping, valving, instrumentation, electrical w/ generator, structural, HVAC

  • Sitework

  • Landscaping

  • Miscellaneous work and clean up

Southeast WRF Lake Filtration System

Manatee County, FL

Completed Project: $4,496,843.28

Project Included:

  • Replacement of the current filters with gravity disk filters; removal of the existing pressure-style filters, associated piping, and concrete pad, installation of new gravity disk filters on new concrete pad with retaining wall. 

  • Installation of a new asphalt driveway to access filters, construction of new submerged intake structures at South Lake No. 1, South Lake No. 2, and East Lake

  • Installation of one sodium hypochlorite storage tank in the existing chlorine building at the site, installation of a new sodium hypochlorite metering pump skid (2 pumps) in the existing chlorine building at the site

  • Installation of a new, dedicated lift station to handle backwash waste from filters

  • Installation of buried yard piping to connect filters to existing buried yard piping

  • Installation of associated electrical and controls components for above process improvements.

Heavy Civil / DOT / Utilities & Transmission Mains

English Oaks Force Main, Phase III Section 2B

City of Lakeland, FL

Completed Project: $1,153,249.00

Project Included:

  • Installation of approximately 5,000 LF of 30" PVC (C-905) Force Main w/ associated fitting, valves and appurtenances; 4-30” 100% port plug valves and 2-4” automatic air release valves included.

  • Installation of a 120LF pipe bridge across an existing [navigable] creek on the property. Construction of this bridge included pre-stressed concrete pile driving, installation of cast-in-place concrete pile caps and fastening the 30” DIP to the bridge.

  • Sod and concrete restoration on the golf course fairway and cart path back to better than original conditions.

Force Main 5 Replacement

Manatee County, FL

Completed Project: $7,493,938.88

Project Included:

  • Construction associated with the replacement of Force Main 5 and the associated force mains and water mains

  • Modifications to existing lift station piping and connections to the existing pipelines.

  • Installed pipe varied from 3000’ of 4-6” and 12,000’ of16-18” open cut pipe and 3500’ of 18-24” HDD.

  • Restoration of pavement and asphalt repair disturbed by construction, restoration of all sidewalk, concrete, brick and shell driveways; landscaping, grass, and removal and replacement of mailboxes and signs.

Peace River Option – Contract 4 42” Regional Transmission Main

Peace River/Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority, Florida

Completed Project: $20,860,579.00

Project Included:

  • Construct and install a fully operational 42 inch pipeline transmission main. 

  • 22.7 miles (119,523’) of Northwest steel 42 inch pipeline, valve assemblies, air valve assemblies, meter facilities, flow-off assemblies, & corrosion control systems

  • Bridge replacements & access roads

  • Disinfection and testing of the pipeline.

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